Life Literacy Skills Series


Starting in February, we will be offering the following courses to assist you with everyday literacy needs. For more information, please call Kim at 403-664-2060.


Everyday Reading

In this course, you will get to practice reading and understanding the many different kinds of reading materials you encounter daily – letters, emails, directions, recipes, labels & warnings, newspapers, legal documents, forms, manuals, etc. Feel free to bring any reading material you want to talk about. We will discuss tips and techniques that will help improve your reading skills and allow you to cope with all the reading you will do throughout your life.


Everyday Writing

Do you feel uncomfortable when you write? Do you often postpone any writing task because you feel that you don’t know what to say or how to say it? Writing doesn’t just mean you are able to write a novel, it could be any basic writing tasks you do daily such as filling in forms, writing cheques, taking down notes, making a list, and composing letters, texts or email messages. This short course will help you learn how to handle the many common everyday writing tasks; you might even find writing a little more enjoyable!


Everyday Math

Math is everywhere and it doesn’t always look like the math we did in school. You use math when you shop, pay bills, book a flight, follow a recipe, decorate your home, and check the weather. In this course, we will discuss and practice everyday math topics from 3 general areas – Home Math, Kitchen Math, and Money Math.

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